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How Small Teams Can Make a Big Impact: A Panel Discussion

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Monika Rogers

Market researchers are always on a mission to innovate. While they’re finding solutions to challenges experienced by consumers, the inner workings of their teams can also face challenges. If you’ve ever struggled with market research prioritization, logistics, team bandwidth or research timelines, you’re not alone.

Everything New with Digsite

Posted on July 26, 2021 by Monika Rogers

Back in 2015, the use of online qualitative market research was pretty low. Digsite was first designed as an alternative to virtual focus groups that tapped into the type of social media engagement most people were (and still are) accustomed to. Six years later, a lot has changed, but our ability to help companies innovate by engaging and iterating with targeted consumer groups is still the driving force behind our work. Research technology continues to evolve, and we practice what we preach by constantly introducing better, faster and stronger features and capabilities.  

Tapping Into the Changing Lives of Vaccinated Consumers

Posted on July 01, 2021 by Monika Rogers

Consumers are far from being "back to normal" and they’re testing the waters going back to their pre-COVID activities. This next post-vaccination year, we will likely see just as much change as we did during the pandemic itself. A recent Digsite research study uncovered which activities, products and services consumers want to keep and their direct thoughts about how their life changed. Before we get into those results, we wanted to talk about how we as Insights Professionals are evolving to address continued, rapid marketplace change.

4 Success Stories to Inspire Your Research Approach

Posted on June 17, 2021 by Monika Rogers

Qualitative research is essential to solving today's business challenges that are socially intricate, involving changing behaviors and subtle interdependencies. More flexible qualitative methods can help guide faster and more accurate business decisions, and have proven to be essential for client-side teams.

10 Ways to Use Qualtrics + Digsite to Optimize New Products and Customer Experience

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Jane Boutelle

Qualtrics has teamed up with Digsite! Now you can move seamlessly between quantitative methods and qualitative methods all in one study, giving you the best of both worlds. 

On Demand Webinar: How a Small OTC Brand Got Big Insights to "Wow" a Major Retailer

Posted on May 27, 2016 by Jane Boutelle

Being a smaller manufacturer in a big ocean of established competitors makes it difficult to get the attention of major retailers. Proper preparation with consumer-validated concepts can go a long way to “wowing” retailers and place your business on their radar.

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