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Build It Better With Human Context and Empathy


Digsite SprintsTM are designed to deliver more accurate insights than traditional qualitative or quantitative testing. We begin by delivering rapid access to highly targeted consumers that can speak to the problem or need you are solving. Our agile community platform enables in-context engagement, giving you a more accurate view of problems and solutions as you build and iterate on new products, experiences and marketing programs. Digsite let’s your team work flexibly – combining ease of use and automation with expert services - making it possible to recruit, engage participants and view reports in as little as 24 hours.

Tap the Power of Agile Video

Video is a core part of Digsite’s proprietary technology. Get real in-context answers in 24-48 hours. Ask consumers to capture an activity, share their experiences on their mobile device, or bring customers into the room with you using live interactive video interviews. 

Digsite Video Sprints enable you to:

  • Share your screen or have participants share theirs
  • Interview one or multiple participants per session
  • Automatically transcribe and analyze video responses
  • Post activities or questions in Digsite before or after the interview
  • Access your video library with themes, video search, and clip creation

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Get Instant Presentation-Ready Results

smartdashboard with quote

Digsite’s automated SmartDashboard combines traditional charts and graphs with featured open-ended responses from automated video transcripts, text analytics and natural language processing.

Our reporting suite captures the most valuable learning, incorporates team input, and creates visually compelling reports that are downloadable in multiple formats including PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel. Marketers, researchers and innovation teams can see results in real time and deliver key insights about their target audience.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, researchers can add titles, reorder charts, and more to build their own custom report – making it easier than ever before to share market research findings and make rapid decisions.

Finally, rich qualitative insights at your fingertips.

Digsite delivers flexible online engagement with better quality and more accurate in-context insights than traditional in-person research. Marketers, consumer insights, CX, and innovation teams need a solution that helps them champion consumer learning throughout development. Digsite delivers with fast targeted recruiting, easy set-up, and flexible reporting. You get real-time contextual, insights with artifacts that drive consensus, not more questions. Digsite delivers all the capabilities for agile insights, including:

  • From 5 people to 200+
  • Start with a templates and copy/paste from past studies
  • Group conversations or 1-on-1 messages plus photo sharing
  • Whiteboard image markup with randomized ordering
  • Survey questions and thumbs up/down voting
  • Sequence questions based on previous responses
  • Fill-in-the-blank story telling
  • Live video interviews, recording and transcription
  • Natural language processing and text analytics
  • Video library with themes, video search, and clip creation


Engage Your Target Audience


Digsite to has access to millions of targeted consumers through our exclusive panel and our SocialFind® recruiting. We identify high-quality participants based on their “footprint” on sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Digsite can source anyone from Millennial moms who shop organic, to small business owners who file their own taxes – and anything else you can dream up. Digsite also offers you the ability to bring your own list or use our quality verified national panels. These pre-profiled participants are instantly ready for your community, such as:

  • Shoppers at specific retail locations
  • Early adopters of new products
  • Teens and GenZ consumers
  • Business owners, hospital staff- and anything else you can imagine

With Digsite’s flexible recruitment, iterative engagement, expert services and fast turn-around, you can finally say “yes” to qualitative under tight timelines and budgets.

Getting Started

With Digsite’s targeted recruiting, iterative engagement, and fast turn-around, you can finally say “yes” to qualitative under tight timelines and budgets.


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