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Digsite Dashboard

Finally, the perfect blend of qual+quant research.

With everything from full-service qual studies that can be recruited overnight, to automated concept tests with benchmarked results, Digsite’s all-in-one agile platform can get you the insights you need, when and how you need them. 


Say goodbye to speed bumps between exploration and validation.


Digsite Pulse: Idea Validation

Quickly test opportunity areas, concepts, ads, and more. Use our automated templates or let us build one for you. Get stat-tested results, plus the option to follow-up with participants in a Sprints study to drill deeper. 

Digsite Sprints: Qualitative Exploration

Recruit your target consumers in as little as 24 hours and engage them with interactive questions, online discussion, video interviews, or digital ethnography. Tap into our Digsite consultants on-demand to get the level of support you need.
"We’re not following a linear process. The learning from one stage feeds the next stage—but it also allows us to go back to the prior stages and refine our understanding of the market, of the user, of the category, of competitive offerings. We’re in motion continuously."

- Director of Consumer Insights, Gold Eagle

Pick a topic to see how Digsite can flex to your objective.



Rapid development and iteration including ideation, concept testing, product testing, and field trials.

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Build better brand communication by testing your targeting, messaging, advertising, and web content.

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Get deeper shopper understanding that includes packaging, shopper experience, and retailer insights.

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Better understand consumer behavior through researching customer experience, user experience, and Jobs to be Done.

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Ever want to ask a participant to explain their answer? Now you can!

Digsite delivers answers to "why" questions with tasks like image mark-up. Plus, Pulse participants can be invited to a Sprint for deeper qualitative follow-ups like video interviews.

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Got a couple minutes? See how Digsite works.


Templated Concept Tests

Video-Based Qualitative

Automated Dashboards


High quality research starts with targeted, engaged consumers.

It’s easy to get started with superfast recruiting using our proprietary SocialFind targeting and million household+ national panel.

Digsite can source anyone from Millennial moms who shop organic, to small business overners who file their own taxes – and anything else you can dream up. Digsite also offers you the ability to recruit from your own list.