Finally, rich qualitative insights at your fingertips.


Digsite SprintsSM begin with high-quality, targeted recruiting using our proprietary SocialFind approach. Our insights community platform engages participants in a social media-style format, giving you deep consumer understanding as you to build and optimize new products, services and marketing programs. Digsite Sprints combine automation and expert services to streamline the research process - making it possible to recruit, engage participants and view reports in as little as 24 hours.

What Digsite Does

Digsite helps you learn, iterate and optimize with pre-designed 1-Day and Multi-Day Sprints. We also offer custom communities based on your specific objectives. Set it up yourself, or use our full-service option to have an expert consultant do it for you.

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Product Concepts

Gather, assess, and refine product concepts

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Customer Experiences

Get in-context feedback on shopping and usage experience

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Brand Positioning

Delve into brand perceptions and beliefs

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Ad Concepts

Optimize designs and communication

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Explore customer needs plus build and vote on ideal solutions

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Web Design

Improve web design, content, and experience

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Packaging Concepts

Evaluate designs and prioritize messaging

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Custom Community

Ask us about your specific objectives


Bring Qualitative Results to Life


Digsite SmartReporting is a unique solution that uses automation and natural language processing to make it fast and easy get meaningful insights from your qualitative research.

Digsite’s SmartReporting solution is the first to harness these innovative technologies to create an automated qualitative research report. Visual elements of the report include word clouds, top-ranked quotes, and sentiment charts - making it easier than ever before to see meaningful results at a glance.

SmartReporting can be customized to reflect the results that your team finds most valuable. You and your team can use Digsite’s My Pins wall to save important quotes, images, or video and easily add them to backroom team discussions or directly into SmartReporting.

Get Agile, Iterative Insights


Digsite delivers fast, iterative research without compromising on quality. Marketers, researchers and product developers demand both simplicity and speed - Digsite delivers with automated recruiting, activity guide templates, and easy reporting tools. You get deep, contextual, insights that help you understand the “why” behind feedback and data, without all the hassle. Digsite takes online qualitative to a whole new level with:

  • Group conversations and individual messaging
  • Whiteboard image markup
  • Surveys and voting
  • Fill-in-the-blank stories
  • Randomized questions and concepts
  • Sequenced Activities
  • SmartReporting with automated text analytics
  • Advanced video capabilities including instant video transcription, editing and clip reel creation

Engage your target audience


SocialFind identifies high-quality participants by targeting consumers based on their interests and behaviors on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Digsite can source anyone from Millennial moms who shop organic to small business owners who file their own taxes – and anything else you can dream up. Digsite also offers you the ability to bring your own list or select from thousands of opt-in SocialFind panelists. These pre-profiled participants are instantly ready for your community, such as:

  • Millennial Moms
  • Small business owners
  • Affluent technology buyers
  • Teens, millennials, nurses, dog owners - and anything else you can imagine

Getting Started

With Digsite’s targeted recruiting, iterative engagement, and fast turn-around, you can finally say “yes” to qualitative under tight timelines and budgets.

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