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Digsite Sprints:
Explore. Iterate. Accelerate.

Use Digsite Sprints to qualitatively iterate on your concepts and ideas. Engage in one-on-one or community conversations, ask participants to share photos and videos and schedule individual or group live video interviews. Ask follow-up questions to iterate as you learn in real-time.

Engaged consumers-1

Verified buyers who tell you what they really think.

Digsite’s new recruiting capabilities are better than ever, giving brands on-demand access to millions of targeted consumers through our exclusive panel, our unique SocialFind recruiting and thousands of verified shoppers.

Advanced sampling grants companies access to higher-quality and more relevant participants through verified geo-demographic data, website visits, shopping cart transactions and purchase receipt data. 

"Johnsonville is now officially hooked on Digsite and will be using the platform lots more on similar projects in the future."

- Senior Consumer Insights Manager, Johnsonville

SmartDashboard demographics-2

Never read a transcript again.

Digsite makes it easy to follow responses as they are happening. Pin and tag your favorite quotes, or let our auto-pinning tool or expert consultants do it for you. Our best-in-class video analysis and reporting dashboards make it fast and easy to share stories and quantify your learning. Your entire team can see results in real-time, identify follow-up questions, and iterate with consumers to keep moving in the right direction.

Digsite’s SmartDashboard captures the most valuable learnings, incorporates team input, and creates visually compelling reports. Reports are downloadable in multiple formats including PowerPoint, PDF and Excel. 

Sprint tasks

Harness powerful consumer artifacts.

With Digsite Sprints, you get to choose how you want to interact with your participants. Use our advanced logic to create a unique set of activities based on consumer responses. Select unique and engaging tasks to collect artifacts like quotes and video testimonials to get more accurate in-context information to tell a story and get buy-in. 


Get your boss and your boss’s boss on board.

Our engaged and expressive participants provide powerful consumer artifacts like quotes, photos and video diaries that offer better context for learning.

Plus, you can get the validation you need for buy-in with stat-tested results.



"If your team and brand is wired in a way that you're listening to your consumers all the time, it gives you permission and confidence to move forward."

- Chief Marketing Officer, Suja Juice

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