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Digsite Pulse:
Test and validate your concepts.

Digsite Pulse delivers qualitative learning at scale. Now you can validate ideas with hundreds of consumers, without sacrificing flexibility and open-ended questions. Use Pulse to optimize opportunity areas, concepts, ideas, ads and more.

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Digsite templates. Never start from scratch again.

We’ve built the best research methods right into our platform. Customize one of our templates to meet your needs, or build your own.

"Agile is becoming THE way we do research. It’s exciting and liberating. We can gain consumer feedback very quickly, which enables us to inform quick decisions and pivot earlier in the innovation process."

- Director of Consumer Insights, Cargill

Pulse task types

Move beyond survey questions.

Go beyond survey questions to learn more with our unique tasks like image mark-up, fill-in-the-blank stories, and interactive voting.


SmartDashboard: Have answers before anyone asks a question.

Drill into findings, compare sub-groups and benchmark concept scores. With our advanced reporting capabilities, you can mix and match custom and benchmarked elements. Make comparisons within a study (say between concepts) or between studies (to track improvement).

Plus, save hours with our direct dashboard-to-PowerPoint downloads.


Quality participants. Quality data.

Our panels use the highest quality data and validation including a double opt-in registration process, digital fingerprinting, as well as physical address and mobile verification.

And with Digsite’s ability to source a nationally representative samples, you can quickly and easily recruit representative samples on-demand.

"It's so amazing that we can put something in front of consumers and have feedback in a matter of hours!"

- Consumer Insights Manager, Waymo

Learn how your team can inform more decisions in half the time.