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10 Ways to Use Qualtrics + Digsite to Optimize New Products and Customer Experience

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Qualtrics has teamed up with Digsite! Now you can move seamlessly between quantitative methods and qualitative methods all in one study, giving you the best of both worlds. 

In our recent article about the decline of quantitative research, Ray Poynter says the world of market research now subscribes to a simple formula. “It has to be cheap, fast and provide direction.”

Cheap, fast, provide direction: The best way to meet that criteria is to blend quantitative with qualitative. Trigger surveys conducted at the moment of purchase, for example, can yield interesting results. Then use qualitative to flesh out the subtleties that are driving consumer decisions. With Qualtrics and Digsite's new partnership, you can now do all of this in one study!

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Jane Boutelle

Jane Boutelle

Jane is the CCO and Co-Founder of Digsite, where she and the team provide the first truly social platform for getting consumer insights and user feedback. She has a deep background in software product management and marketing.