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On Demand Webinar: How a Small OTC Brand Got Big Insights to "Wow" a Major Retailer

Consumer insights to wow a major retailer

Being a smaller manufacturer in a big ocean of established competitors makes it difficult to get the attention of major retailers. Proper preparation with consumer-validated concepts can go a long way to “wowing” retailers and place your business on their radar.

You don’t need a data scientist or a huge marketing budget to get these in-depth insights for your concepts. A small pharmaceutical manufacturer, PD Holdings, was up against a deadline to validate their product and positioning concepts before a meeting with a major retailer. We’ll share with you how PD Holdings was able to collect in-depth insights from their customers to validate their concepts in just 7 days, giving them the punch they needed to “turn some heads,” at their meeting. And they did it without breaking the bank!

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How a small pharmaceutical manufacturer used this new approach to validate concepts in just 7 days and “wow” a major retailer.
  • How you can use this agile research approaches to become an consumer insights expert for your retailer presentations.
  • Other tips and tricks to help your organization become more consumer centric without a background in data science or a huge research budget.

We have also made the full case study available for review. See specifically how PD Holdings was able to perform fast qualitative research to get the consumer insights needed to "Wow" retailers.

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To learn more about how your company can benefit from in-depth insights, check out our Digsite Sprints Fact Sheet!

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Jane Boutelle

Jane Boutelle

Jane is the CCO and Co-Founder of Digsite, where she and the team provide the first truly social platform for getting consumer insights and user feedback. She has a deep background in software product management and marketing.