Acosta + Digsite Partnership

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About Acosta

Acosta Strategic Advisors provides consulting services to consumer packaged goods companies seeking category leadership, improved ROI and faster growth. Their clients, whether startups or Fortune 50, benefit from their advice to sell more effectively, promote more efficiently, achieve greater innovation success or make smart acquisitions. Acosta Strategic Advisors believe that better insights drive better results.

Benefits of Acosta + Digsite

By partnering with Digsite, Strategic Advisors is able to provide your team the agility to connect rich qualitative insights with our vast access to industry data resources, shopper insights surveys, advanced analytics capabilities and industry experts to provide richer insights for decision making – it’s both fast and cost effective. Key offerings include, but are not limited to: 

  • New Product Development
  • Aisle Redesign
  • Shopper Experiences through diaries, pictures & videos
  • Packaging or Promotional Testing.


Examples of Acosta + Digsite

  • Assisted a leading coffee brand on testing aisle designs to improve shopper experiences and navigation
  • Worked with a large sanitizer brand on a go-to-market strategy, including product testing, to find whitespace in a crowded category
  • Partnered with a large multi brand food company to launch a comprehensive aisle innovation strategy to drive sales growth
  • Helped a leading nutritional supplement brand reverse sales declines through rich consumer feedback



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