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About Interpret

Interpret is a global consumer insights agency that advises companies at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment. We are trusted partners to innovators and creators around the world, who use our data and thinking to make the decisions that count. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Interpret has offices in Seattle, London, Dallas, and China, and strong local research partners around the world. Our clients include Hollywood studios, global tech companies, major consumer brands, and leading global game publishers, developers, and console makers. Our work covers a large variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, from segmentations to syndicated trackers, from in-home ethnographies to play tests and focus groups. We have conducted focus groups and in-home research in 20+ countries for our clients on many AAA console/PC games, chart-topping mobile games, and big entertainment IP and movies. Interpret has become the go-to partner for entertainment research in China, having conducted hundreds of tests in 10+ cities.



Benefits of Interpret + Digsite

With Digsite’s online qualitative platform, Interpret is able to track user experience of new products and games over the course of one to multiple weeks, with the flexibility to iterate and change questions and activities based on participant responses to get deep insights. With Digsite’s surveys, discussion activities, and virtual backroom, Interpret can quickly get the meaningful, agile results they need for their global entertainment clients. Interpret’s analysts can leverage their industry expertise to design targeted questions and tasks and interact with high-quality respondents in real time. As a company, they are now able to include rapid, iterative, qualitative input as part of the comprehensive insight product portfolio they offer to their clients, giving them the ability to cost-effectively provide better input into the product and marketing decisions their clients need to make.


Top applications for Interpret + Digsite

  • Week One™ longitudinal research for mobile and online game companies, analyzing gamer churn behavior and drivers/inhibitors for engagement  
  • Testing new products such as technology products and toys, understanding initial consumer experiences and pain points
  • Online brainstorming and ideation research for new product and service ideas
  • Managing homework for focus group studies

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