C+R Research & Digsite Partnership

About C+R Research

C+R Research is a leading privately-held research and insights agency offering a broad array of custom qualitative and quantitative research solutions. We are equally adept at addressing quick, simple, tactical business questions as well as very complex, strategic and foundational marketing issues. 

Founded over 50 years ago originally as a boutique qualitative research consultancy, C+R has grown and flourished by offering unrivaled depth of experience in leveraging qualitative research in innovative ways.  Many of our clients appreciate our ability to seamlessly integrate both qualitative and quantitative research approaches into tailored, agile research solutions that deliver deep insights and real impact.  We offer an array of effective, customizable techniques for traditional and online qualitative, quantitative, mobile and community-based research - all scalable to meet your unique research needs. C+R research is the perfect insights partner when you are looking for smartly designed research delivered with unsurpassed client service. 

Benefits of C+R Research and Digsite 

Our partnership with Digsite adds another nimble, innovative research platform into our qualitative toolkit and we’re excited to leverage Digsite to power a variety of our agile FlashQual designs for:

  • Concept optimization,
  • Message comm checks,
  • In-the-moment usage journals,
  • Shopper journey/missions,
  • and more. 

Digsite pairs well with C+R’s survey expertise to enable us to add quick qualitative depth to our quantitative research.  At the end of a survey, we now utilize Digsite to pull participants into a short online discussion forum for a deeper-dive conversation that adds clarity and depth to the numbers. 

Finally, Digsite is perfect for pre-profiling participants in longer-term insight communities. Over the course of 6 months, a year, or longer, we use Digsite as an iterative learning space with pre-identified groups of participants.  This allows us to use all of the online tools to engage with community members on any given topic, at any given time, which further enhances our agile capabilities.  


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