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About The Garage Group

The Garage Group brings lean innovation approaches to future-proof Bigcos. They are a battle-tested, Lean Innovation and Growth Strategy Firm that has spent the last 7 years leading Bigcos like Nike, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and American Express to apply startup-inspired approaches against their toughest innovation and growth challenges. For Bigcos to stay relevant, entrepreneurial skills, mindsets, tools, and processes must be integrated to build teams of next-generation, corporate entrepreneurs who are capable of keeping existing businesses relevant and expanding into new ones. One of these tools is startup-inspired lean research tactics.



Benefits of The Garage Group + Digsite 

Digsite enables the The Garage Group and their clients to test different types of ideas (think MVPs, offers and more) faster than previously imagined. Startups are encouraged to “get out of the building” to get quick input on their ideas; Digsite helps The Garage Group employ that same tactic with Bigco teams so that they can work smarter, not harder, at getting customer, consumer and stakeholder input, helping to quickly, iteratively and cost-effectively remove uncertainty in this era of unparalleled uncertainty.


Top Applications for The Garage Group + Digsite 

The Garage Group creates custom approaches leveraging their Lean Growth Playbook. The Lean Growth Playbook pragmatically integrates the best frameworks and principles from tried and true approaches like Design Thinking and Jobs to be Done, with newer startup-inspired approaches like Sprint, Lean Startup, and Agile. Depending on the business challenge, they apply the right mix of methods.  

  • Define the Opportunity Digital Ethnography - Over the course of 3-5 days, The Garage Group digs into the category unmet needs, pain points, habits and practices through customized activities that allow participants to chronicle behavior, not just opinion.
  • Define the Opportunity Jobs to Be Done Prioritization - The top 30 Jobs to Be Done statements are placed in overnight testing to inform prioritization of top Jobs to Be Done to activate. This typically happens in the context of a 3- to 5-day Sprint.
  • Explore the Possibilities Idea Prioritization - The top 30 idea statements are placed in overnight testing to inform prioritization of top ideas to activate. This typically happens in the context of a 3- to 5-day Sprint.
  • Build, Test, Learn the Solution Concept Testing - When traditional concepts are required as Sprint output, concepts are whiteboarded overnight, with participants putting dots on things they like, dislike and have questions about for up to 10 concepts.
  • Build, Test, Learn the Solution MVP Testing - When an MVP test needs to happen in a non-public, more confidential setting, participants can be enlisted to go navigate a website, offer or other MVP format, allowing for both behavior tracking and open-ended rationale.

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