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Monthly Agile Research Tips - July

Today’s leading organizations are increasingly employing agile approaches to developing new marketing programs, product or service innovations and customer experiences. By leveraging agile market research methods, your organization is able to simultaneously design, test and build new solutions before going to market. This approach speeds time to market, while still ensuring your go-to-market strategy fits with consumers’ changing lifestyles, situations and needs.

Our monthly blog post offers practical tips and advice on how to implement agile research. July's agile tips are centered around the ways in which you can speed up your research process, and are provided by Jill Meneilley, founder of Mobius Solution Lab and one of Digsite's expert consultants.

Tip 1. Simplify Your Screening Criteria

When thinking of ways to simplify your screening questions, make sure to think through the behaviors you want people to exhibit so you can recruit based on actual behaviors, rather than just attitudes or attributes. You can also simplify your typing tools into just one or two statements instead of taking your participants through a full typing tool.

With simplified screening criteria and access to a qualitative-specific online panel, you can recruit high quality participants, overnight.

Tip 2. Use a Platform That Enables You to See Insights in Real Time

Use a research platform that has instant reporting capabilities that let you see reporting as you go. Features like a backroom for moderators or instant reporting enable your entire team to collaborate throughout the research process, allowing you to share interim findings quickly and easily inside and outside of the platform.

Tip 3. Consider Asynchronous Video as Opposed to Live Video

If you’re looking to improve the speed of your research, you should consider a platform that offers a community format in which participants record videos to respond to questions you pose as opposed to scheduling full video interviews.

A community format will speed up the process of collecting insights because participants can record as soon as it is convenient for them, you can see results in real time, and with features like automated transcriptions, the analysis is faster and easier than ever before.

Tip 4. Use Pre-designed Guides

Using pre-designed guides for specific project types can be a good starting point for lean and agile teams. Consider choosing a research platform that provides expertly designed templates for common applications such as positioning, ad testing, product concept, packaging, or shopping.

To see how four real-world companies are moving away from costly and time-consuming stage-gate development processes and prioritize innovation while operating with agility, check out our eBook: How Innovation Teams Use Agile Research to Build Better Products in Less Time.

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Jill Meneilley

Jill Meneilley

Jill Meneilley ​has 20+ years of experience helping brands solve business challenges with market research, including leading the Ben & Jerry’s Global Insight team for nine years. She is passionate about uncovering deeper truths through consumer conversations, and brings a strategic perspective to qualitative analysis from her time on the client side. She is the founder of Mobius Solution Lab and has completed online qualitative research studies with thousands of participants.