Digsite Video Interviews


All the Benefits of In-Person Research and More

Digsite's video capabilities do more than replace in-person research. They give teams the ability to mix one-on-one and group feedback, gather in-context stories and more.

Digsite Video Interviews

Use Digsite Sprints with video to get high quality, accurate insights in as little as 24 hours.

✓ Customer Experience: capture the customer journey and discuss improvements
✓ Identify Opportunity Areas: share experiences, pain points and ideals
✓ Early Concept Exploration: share mock-ups of products, services, or ads
✓ More: projective techniques, ethnography, co-creation and more

The Versatility of Video Insights

Live Video Interviews Description

Digsite’s approach to online qualitative is more comprehensive than traditional video focus groups. The Digsite platform enables you to confirm participant quality before scheduling live interviews, and the integrated video analysis capabilities make analyzing results fast and easy. Tap into our options for rapid human transcripts, video libraries, keyword/sentiment analysis, and clip-reel creation.

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