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On-Demand Webinar: How Consumer Brands can Gain the Trust of Millennials

How Consumer Brands Can Gain the Trust of Milennials


In this On-Demand webinar, Digsite CEO Monika Wingate analyzes the findings of a recently-completed series of online qualitative research studies with Millennials. The studies explored the importance Millennials placed on trust in a both a brand and a brand's advertisements. Our Millennial participants were extremely willing to share!  The results were extremely interesting with strong implications for your brand.

You'll see Monika discuss:

  • Why trust in a brand is so important to Millennials
  • Some brands that resonate with Millennials, and why
  • Our new research approach that dug deeper into the topic of trust with Millennials
  • What we learned in our research and what this could mean for your brand


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Jane Boutelle

Jane Boutelle

Jane is the CCO and Co-Founder of Digsite, where she and the team provide the first truly social platform for getting consumer insights and user feedback. She has a deep background in software product management and marketing.