Need to make informed marketing decisions fast?

Go beyond survey questions to collaborate with consumers and iterate as you learn. And with pricing as low as $999, there is no reason not to!

Replace Gut Instinct With Informed Decision Making!

Digsite’s 1-Day Sprints help drive your team to make decisions quickly by letting you engage with your consumers two or more times over the course of 24 hours. And with Digsite, you don’t need to be a research expert to get expert results. The Digsite platform will quickly identify a group of your target consumers and build a research community with expert-designed activities specific to your objective.

5 Easy Steps to Iterative Insights

With 1-Day Sprints you can set up and launch your community the same day, and get results in 24 hours!

  1. Choose which participants you want to target (based on demographics or behavior interests), or use your own list. 
  2. Select one of six Sprint types with pre-designed activities based on your objectives.
  3. Personalize your community and have an expert review your activities to ensure you get the best results.
  4. Launch. Ask individual or group follow-up questions as needed, and adjust concepts and questions as you learn.
  5. Pin key responses and download instant summary reports.

Short on time?
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"We got the information we
needed in 24 hours...
it was short and sweet!"
- Heidi Woller, Associate Brand Manager at Organic Valley
What do you need to do?

Choose from any of the 1-Day Sprint types below depending on where you are in the product or brand development cycle.

1-Day Sprint Types chart.png 

1-Day Sprints start at $999

including recruiting & rewards and support
(10-100 participants)

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"1-Day sprints are great when you have a business question that you need an answer to in order to set direction and you don't want to, or can't, wait 3-4 weeks for a survey or research."

 - Heidi Woller, Associate Brand Manager at Organic Valley

Why Digsite?

Digsite is a unique social-media style community that works on any computer, tablet or mobile device. 

  • Our secure platform embeds proprietary market research activities into each Sprint community to structure conversations, ask survey questions, facilitate image ratings and mark-up, and capture experiences via photos or video.
  • Digsite's advanced automation tools make it fast and easy to set-up and manage your community, as well as get instant reporting.
  • And our experts ensure that every Sprint community is set-up to get accurate and actionable results.