Monika Wingate

Monika Wingate

Co-founder and CEO of Digsite

Market research geek & recovering triathlete

Note From our CEO, "How We Got Started"

In 2012, after 15 years as a marketing research professional, I realized the tools we used were fundamentally broken. Companies didn’t have time to stop their product or marketing development processes to wait for market research. And marketers needed more in-depth consumer insights to adapt their plans to rapidly changing market conditions. At first, I turned to Facebook to quickly recruit and engage consumers without the overhead of traditional research tools. But I quickly realized that participants needed greater anonymity, clients needed clear data ownership, and my team needed research specific functionality. That led me to build a better solution – Digsite.
The result was way better than I originally imagined. Companies love getting on-demand feedback to optimize product or marketing concepts! Consumers love the social media style interface, where they can quickly respond to questions and post photos and videos wherever and whenever it's convenient for them.
Sound like something you might need? I would encourage you to check out our site and sign up for demo. We’d love to hear what you’re working on, and how Digsite can help.



We Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Monika Wingate presented at 1 Million Cups Madison to discuss how Digsite allows you to engage with your consumers to get fast insights. Check out her presentation to learn more about how Digsite enables companies to be successful and agile.  

"Digsite is really trying to enable companies to do something really important, which is to be agile." - Monika Wingate, Digsite CEO


About Digsite 

With Digsite, you get research that delivers the insights you need, when you need them. Our Iterative Insights platform lets you quickly bring together the targeted consumers you need into an on-demand community. You can engage with your audience, using discussions, surveys, whiteboards, voting, images, video and more.

Digsite communities are nimble, allowing you to learn from your participants, adjust your activities or input based on that learning, and go back to them with smarter questions. (A nice change from surveys and one-time focus groups that can leave you with more questions than they answer.) Use these Iterative Insights to optimize product concepts, refine your messaging, understand consumer preferences and much more.