Digsite Sprints
Replace gut instinct with informed decision making. Digsite Sprints get you in-depth consumer feedback to optimize product and marketing concepts in just 7 days.


Full service qualitative research

We Do the Hard Work For You


We set up a small online community of targeted consumers to help you optimize product or marketing concepts.


You Get High Quality Insights

You Get High Quality Insights


You receive meaningful insights to better understand customer needs and get feedback on your ideas.

Consumer Insights in 7 Days

Start To Finish in 7 Days


A Digsite Sprint is far faster, deeper, and less expensive than traditional market research.

Take Your Sprints Further with Digsite Unlimited

Digsite Unlimited gives you the flexibility to pop-up a community whenever you need one over the course of a year. Receive ongoing feedback from consumers by running communities for weeks or even months.


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Monika Wingate
CEO & Co-founder, Digsite



WEBINAR: How a Small OTC Brand Got Big Insights to "Wow" a Major Retailer

Customer validation goes a long way to convincing a retailer. Learn how you can get fast insights to give your retailer presentation the punch it needs to turn some heads.

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Connect with the Right People

Talk to the Right People With SocialFind

Looking for the right participants for your community? Digsite's SocialFind™ makes it easy!

We target consumers based on their actual interests and behaviors on social media sites, so only consumers who are a potential fit for your Digsite are ever invited. And we provide additional screening to ensure sure you have only qualified participants who are ready to engage in your community.


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Our Customers Say It Best

"We were able to understand our consumer target our packaging design, product statements, mood of messaging, and ingredients all within a total of two weeks, which was very fast and fit the Dannon way of working. Right now we're in the middle of using this data to launch a new product." 

Simone Schuster, Strategy and Insights Assistant Manager, Dannon. Read Their Case Study »