Qualtrics + Digsite Integration



About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a sophisticated yet use web-based survey and customer experience management tool. Companies use their research suite to build and send surveys as well as track and analyze responses. Key uses include measuring consumer behavior across diverse segments, benchmarking your company versus competitors, and conducting advertising and product testing.

Benefits of Qualtrics + Digsite

The integration of Qualtrics and Digsite improves the agility of your team by allowing you to move seamlessly between quantitative methods and qualitative methods all in one study. Quantitative research results often raise additional questions and ideas, and the combination of a Digsite community with a Qualtrics survey can help you get alignment – rapidly iterating through new ideas or solutions as you identify problems and challenges. Digsite integrates with Qualtrics and other major survey platforms so you can you send qualified participants into a Digsite community. You can also collect and aggregate survey data seamlessly within Digsite so you can track your and analyze results across communities within your survey platform.


Top applications for Qualtrics + Digsite

1. Recruit participants from customer satisfaction surveys for short term or ongoing communities

2. Divide survey participants into groups based on their answers and engage them in relevant follow-up conversations on new products ideas

3. Collect more complex user experience data within your Digsite community

4. Expand on brand positioning learning with photo or video sharing and discussions

5. Create a single tracking survey to share across multiple Digsite communities


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