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Agile Research: Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

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With marketers under the gun to quickly get answers to their business issues, expedited timelines are the new normal for researchers and their product/marketing teams. Marketers are under pressure to build ad campaigns in weeks rather than months, new product timelines are being squeezed, and there is increased internal and competitive activity. All of this heightens the need for quick responses and disaster checks throughout the creative process.

These tight timelines can often lead to a reduction in the utilization, or quality of research. With demands for shorter timelines, it’s clear that the research conducted needs to be turnkey—with leaner, faster, scrappier research.

At C+R, solving the need for speed and meeting a tight deadline is something we’re continually working on. We are innovating ways to conduct quick and nimble research without sacrificing the quality of the results.

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Save Your Seat

For projects where creative results are needed in a hurry, our agile research solution is FlashQual, powered by Digsite.  With FlashQual, we can test new creative, storyboards, advertising or positioning concepts, for overnight, and nearly instantaneous feedback. Other FlashQual features include:

  • Ability to rotate concepts, which reduces order bias
  • In-depth questions in a logical, linear layout to control the flow of conversation
  • First impressions, comprehension, relevance and reactions through a mix of open-and closed-end questions
  • Built-in mark-up activity to collect commentary on specific elements (i.e., words, phrases, visuals) that they like, dislike or find confusing
  • Moderator follow-up questions for additional details and clarification per section
  • Exploring custom dimensions per concept that are core to your brand

From Digsite’s high-quality, proprietary SocialFind for targeted recruiting to the mobile-optimized, responsive design, this methodology yields excellent response rates. As soon as people are identified, screened and recruited, we invite them to introduce themselves; this initial touchpoint is key because they are paid a small incentive for completing their introduction. This engagement also whets their appetite for wanting to do more, and the rest of the discussion launches the same-day or next day, whenever you are ready. Our turnouts are excellent, even with modest incentives.

At the end, we can provide a report featuring an executive summary, plus key reactions to each concept, and supporting consumer quotes, in as little as 24 hours.

So instead of getting “quick and dirty” research, we’re able to provide “quick and quality” research —because FlashQual features speed, accuracy and quality.

Please reach out with your next “impossible” research situation. One size does not fit all for market research, and we would be happy to customize a plan for your needs.

Shaili Bhatt

Shaili Bhatt

Sr. Research Director, C+R Research