Quick Insights into Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions


BevMo! is the number one specialty beverage retailer on the west coast; they also have a substantial online presence. BevMo! was looking to gather quick insights on consumer awareness of their current promotional offers and the benefits of shopping with BevMo! Additionally, BevMo! sought to further understand their target audience in order to continue to guide their product planning.

Digsite Partner Janet Standen understood BevMo!’s need for fast, cost-effective insights, so she recommended Digsite to collect this essential information.


The BevMo! Digsite community ran for 10 days. Janet actively engaged with ten participants throughout this time. Utilizing the application’s ability to incorporate video, Janet built a solid rapport with the participants which she used as a basis for further inquiry. The participants in the community were then engaged in a number of discussions, responded to survey questions and participated in whiteboard activities designed to collect feedback on their experiences with BevMo! and gauge their perceptions of the brand and its offerings.

Presenting a digital copy of the mail samples, similar
to the above example, gave BevMo! specific
feedback used to ignite further discussion.

BevMo! sent their participants samples of direct mail for one of their activities. Participants were asked to review each sample and return to Digsite to share their reactions. Janet used the whiteboard tool to present a digital image of the each of the samples. Participants then provided specific sentiment feedback on the image based on their experience with the sample, giving Janet a foundation in which to iterate and get to the core of the customer.


Through the community, BevMo! gained insights into their target consumers’ attitudes towards and awareness of their offers and value. They were also able to gauge reactions to direct mail layouts and new product concepts, all through the single community.

The participants found the format of the Digsite community familiar and easy to use. Because it looked and felt a lot like the social media sites they use every day, they were able to jump right in and participate without support or hand-holding. This combined with Janet’s efforts to build a solid rapport with the participants also encouraged them to deeply engage in the community.

At the end of ten days, Janet was able to make specific recommendations on ways to attract these target consumers and provide clear input on the direct mail and new products. BevMo! got valuable, actionable findings for a relatively modest investment of time and money.


Take Your Experience Further

Digsite was easy for the participants, and it worked well for our needs

“We used Digsite to develop and confirm some hypotheses about our target segment’s attitudes and behaviors. It was an efficient, effective way for us to determine the need and direction for our next research initiative.” – BevMo! CMO

Case Study provided by
Janet Standen