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Webinar Recording: 5 Surprising Ways Your Business Could (and Should) Be Using Online Qualitative Research

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Whether your focus is innovation, marketing, or customer experience, many of the research objectives you traditionally looked to improve with in-person research can now be satisfied in an online environment—and with better results.

In this webinar recording, Jill Meneilley, one of Digsite’s expert research consultants, will broaden your thinking when it comes to online qualitative tools. Using real-world examples, Jill shows you how online qual is delivering rich consumer insights that propel insights and innovation teams forward.
With this recording, you will learn:
  • The impact your team can make by adopting online qualitative tools
  • How you can use online qual to support your product testing efforts
  • Tips to build consumer empathy among your team
  • Ways in which online qual can help you truly understand your buyer’s shopping experience

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