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Quirk's Virtual Event Session Recording: Tapping Organizational Change to Increase Market Research Relevance​​​​​​​

Quirks Virtual Event Digsite and Hormel


In this presentation from The Quirk's Virtual Event, Hormel Director of Insights and Innovation Heather Vossler and Digsite CEO Monika Wingate discuss how combining the right research tool with an agile research approach enables teams to get in-context learning and deep consumer insights faster than ever before.


Heather shares Hormel's story of organizational change, including how Hormel earned buy-in across the organization to change everything from how they buy research to the research methods they use, resulting in the team’s ability to spin up research much quicker.


With this recording you’ll also hear real-world examples of how Hormel blends agile, in-context research with traditional ethnography to more effectively understand consumers at an emotional level.

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