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Webinar Recording: Insider Tips for Fast and Effective Online Qualitative

Webinar Recording- Insider Tips for Fast and Effective Online Qualitative

As companies large and small are increasingly shifting their in-person qualitative to online methodologies, both in-house teams and agency researchers need to be ready to conduct these studies and provide rapid, useful insights. 

How can ensure you have selected the best online research approach to maximize useful results and keep participants engaged? In this webinar, two of Digsite’s top online qualitative expert consultants have distilled their extensive experience into top-recommended tips for designing, managing, moderating and reporting highly effective online qualitative studies. 

With this recording, you’ll learn: 

  • When to use online vs. in-person qual
  • How to keep respondents engaged and minimize attrition during online qual studies
  • How to design activities to enable easier analysis and reporting once the study is complete 
  • Tips to build team engagement and alignment coming out of your research 

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