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Webinar Recording: How to Deepen Consumer Empathy with Agile Research

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Today’s most effective marketing and insights leaders are empowering their teams to solve really challenging business problems by employing agile principles. But agile research is not just about speed - it’s also about consumer empathy. So why is empathy so important when it comes to agile?

In this webinar, Digsite CEO Monika Wingate discusses the importance of building empathy as part of agile development for new products, customer experiences and marketing programs. She also shares several real-world examples of how businesses have used empathy-based agile approaches to get higher-quality insights and faster team alignment on opportunities, priorities and potential solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

With this recording, you will learn:

  • The role of empathy in agile research
  • Which research methods enable both speed and empathy
  • How to design agile research that fosters empathy, creativity and problem solving

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