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Webinar Series: How to Combine Qual and Quant Research for Richer Insights and a Consumer Research Study on Holiday Shopping During COVID-19

Qual and Quant Webinar-1


Join us on Wednesday, August 12th at 11am CT for a two-part webinar series with Digsite CEO Monika Wingate.  

Part 1: How to Combine Qualitative and Quantitative Research for Richer Insights
We sometimes get stuck choosing between qualitative OR quantitative research to meet budgets or timing. However, combining both can be extremely effective, enabling you to get deeper insights and uncover the full story. Monika will discuss how to use agile methods to deliver rapid and efficient qual and quant results and drive rapid iteration and better buy-in to research results. You'll learn the several approaches to combining qual and quant research, as well as tips and tricks to effectively combine qual and quant.

Part 2: A Consumer Research Study on Changing Holiday Plans During COVID-19
Looking for deeper insights into consumer behavior this holiday season? Monika will share the results of our Digsite Qual + Quant research study on consumer shopping for the upcoming holiday season. You’ll learn how consumers' holiday plans are being affected by COVID-19, including video insights on the changes they plan to make in their approaches to gift-shopping.

If you're unable to attend the live webinar, don't worry! We will record the webinar and send a link to everyone who registers.

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