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Webinar Recording: How Financial Services & Insurance Companies Thrive with Agile Research

Insurance Financial

Financial services and insurance companies face unique challenges with changing business models and rapid technological innovation. In order to out-innovate competing disruptors and startups, established financial services and insurance companies need to deliver agile to all corners of their operations, including marketing, customer experience, and innovation. 

In this webinar, Digsite CEO Monika Wingate discusses how customer experience and consumer insights teams are moving to agile research “sprints” to overcome unique challenges. She also shares real-world examples of agile research in action, and provides best practices for applying agile principles.


During the webinar recording, you'll learn:

  • Why agile research is a critical component of any company that wishes to remain competitive over the long term
  • How financial services and insurance companies are using agile research to transform their organizations
  • Ways you can use agile to transform your company
  • How to implement agile at your organization

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