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Webinar Recording: Harnessing Flexible Qualitative Approaches for Better and Faster Decisions

flexible qual


Insights pros are under pressure to move faster.  What’s the differentiator between teams who move fast with limited results, and those who still move quickly but inform more decisions with better guidance?

During this webinar, Digsite CEO Monika Rogers discusses the speed bumps that can limit our research approaches and drive down the quality of insights. She also shares a framework for using collaborative, multi-modal research that delivers the type of insights often associated with in-person research, but at greater speed and scale. Whether you’re part of a small or large team, this webinar will get you ready to drive positive change in your organization.

With this recording, you'll learn:

  • How flexible insights platforms can power speed without sacrificing quality
  • Ways to ignite your team to adopt agile qualitative and integrated qual+quant research methods
  • An easy-to-use framework to fuel innovation with iterative learning


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