Digsite helps you learn and adapt concepts with consumers in real time, whether you are developing new products and services, improving existing offerings or building brand positioning and communication. It's the ideal solution for agencies that serve marketers, including design, advertising, PR, innovation, and research consulting firms.

Digsite Sprints

Digsite Sprints

Everything you need to learn and optimize product or marketing concepts in less than 7 days. We get you in-depth insights, you translate them into big ideas based on real results!

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Digsite Unlimited

Digsite Unlimited

Have in-house moderators? Digsite Unlimited allows you to set up one or more online insight communities for your clients. Engage with 10-100 participants for days, weeks, months or more. All at a price that makes adding research to your clients' plans a must-have.

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Keeping The Conversation Going

With Digsite online insight communities, you can keep the discussion going for days, weeks or months and, ultimately, gain more insights than traditional surveys and focus groups for far less cost and hassle. Roles can vary within a community, from one or more moderators to back room observers and participants. Here are a few ways Digsite can help you extend the conversation with participants:


Build voice of
customer community


Continue the conversation
after focus groups


Discuss unmet needs
prior to ideation


Collect online
ethnographic data to use
with in-home or in-store


Recruit early adopter
community based on social
media trends


Supplement one-on-one
product testing with
community feedback


Digsite communities function like familiar social media, so it’s easy for participants to jump right in and feel comfortable.

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