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Webinar Recording: Accelerating Innovation with Agile Insights and a Research Study on Brand Innovation During COVID-19

Accelerating Innovation and Brand Innovation Research


This webinar recording and report feature a two-part webinar series with Digsite CEO Monika Wingate and Expert Consultant Amy Elkes.

Part 1: Accelerating Innovation with Agile Insights Approaches

Monika discusses how organizations are implementing iterative, in-context research to simultaneously build, test and learn with their customers. She also shares a case study on how Harry’s men's care brand is using new approaches to online qual for rapid brand-building and innovation.
Part 2: A Research Study on Brand Innovation During COVID-19
Amy shares the results of our latest Digsite Sprint research study on consumer shopping habits during COVID-19. You’ll learn how consumers are adapting to online shopping and what is driving them to purchase new products. You’ll also hear consumer feedback on innovations that have come out during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as new products or services consumers wish companies would create in response to the outbreak.

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